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God must be a boogie man wriggles through all four chambers of the human heart, delving deep into universal themes of love, loss, faith, fear and death.  These poems slam against the good, the bad, and the persistent stupidity of our current times, deconstructing social media, technology and modernity in effervescently bold and experimental forms that engage the reader for the entire ride. 

-2017 Book Baby

Works in Print 

“Step 1: I am all go rhythm"

FENCE, 39 Winter

Spring, 2022 (Pushcart Prize nomination, Dec. 2022)


“Shopping for a Goddess"

International Woman's Day Anthology,

Moonstone Press

Volume 2, 2022

“I live in this city: thinking about Thoreau

Sinister Wisdom

Summer, 2020

“Writing is like sex…”

Fence, 36, Winter Early 2020


36 Views Of Ononta'kahrhon,


Barzakh, online magazine

Spring 2017- "Great (Again)"

“Untitled (I am shaped by dreams)"


fourteenth annual issue

“Rubylith as a Revolutionary”

Sinister Wisdom, 

Winter 2016

"A Queer Horse" 

Up The River

Issue 3, April 2015

Barzakh, online magazine 

Issue 7, 2015- "One"

Barzakh, online magazine 

Issue 6, 2014- "My Cells"


Albany Poets, online, 2014

“BB’s in the House”

Oberon, 2010

Chronogram, - Nov, 2007

“Another Troy: the Remix”

“Mrs. DeB”

“Children Too” 

“A Fireproof Box”

“I Made The Sky Bright Pink”

“Ibiza”-March, 2002

Spoken Word/Electronic Music

on Screed’s compilation CD (magazine insert)

“about this building/all buildings

are equal” -Nov, 2002, photograph,


“Ms. K Before the Bell” -June '2002, 19 Current Poets

"The daughters of lions are lions too"

13th Moon, 1996

University at Albany, XII, XIV

"Planting"/"Poem for a sticky night in a row house" 

Open Mic: The Albany Anthology

Hudson Valley Writers Guild

Albany, NY 1994

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