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"Breathing These Words", Summer 2018 

Breathing Lights:

Spearheaded a series of workshops and poetry walks around vacant buildings in a project designed to call attention to “zombie” property in the tri-city, Capital District in Upstate NY, funded by the Bloomberg Foundation; developed and wrote grant, which placed first out of 59; hired staff for youth workshops; wrote and conducted workshops for senior citizens; facilitated a five-mile poetry walk with neighbors in Troy’s North Central area; wrote a call for submissions and organized and led three featured poetry readers on the topic of community and neighborhoods in the tri-city area, and responded to and wrote all social media content, press releases, marketing text and interfaced and collaborated with all grant staff.

"Best Wishes", 2004-2008

Albany International Airport:    

Best Wishes is a site-specific poetry installation designed to convey an international travel diary, a blessing and a glimpse at a glorious weekend. It was installed on the rubber parts of three separate baggage carousels in the baggage claim area of Albany International Airport. These poems may be read in parts or whole as you wait for your bags.

"Letter to a prison guard from a teacher",  2003

Arts Center of the Capital Region:

My poem “Letter to a prison guard from a teacher” was installed on an 8’ X 10’ teacher’s blackboard. The poem was handwritten in chalk. Metroland’s David Brickman (Jan. 15- 21, 2004) said: “Her tender poem to a girl in trouble, handwritten in chalk on a large blackboard, has an emotional resonance and a physical presence that transcends the confines of the medium.”

"about this building",  poems about buildings, 2002 

Troy, NY

This project was made possible through a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts. My poem “about this building/all buildings are equal” was printed on twelve 2ft X 3ft posters, mounted & installed on the facades of abandoned buildings in Troy, NY at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and Jay Streets. The location is near the entrance of 787N and the installation was viewable by approximately 575 cars daily.

"Words in Transit",  2001-2008

Albany International Airport:

Under the direction of Sharon Bates, “Words in Transit” was a site-specific installation by a group of regional poets--Lori Anderson, Druis Beasley, Belle Gironda, Jil Hanifan and myself--presenting poems about travel, love and home installed at six locations before and beyond the security checkpoint. My poem,“Circle”, was imprinted directly on the baggage carousel and is meant to be read in its entirety (in “couplets” or in a single line) as passengers waited for their bags.

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